Justice Elementary School

Principals’ Corner

Hello and welcome to our school! Whether you are an incoming or current student, we are excited you are visiting our website!

Justice Elementary, creating life-long leaders and learners, by developing students that contribute and improve their community and the world. This is the mission statement of our school, one that our staff lives up to daily.  We are extremely proud that our school became the first school in our district to become “A Leader in Me” school in August 2015. We practice Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People every single day, and embed them into everything we do. Many of our students hold leadership jobs within our school in which they applied and were selected. Our third and fourth graders lead of school morning show each day, and fourth graders serve as Safety Patrol members throughout the year.

With an enrollment of approximately 500 students, we are the third largest elementary in our district. We currently have four Kindergarten, four first grade, four second grade, four third grade, and four fourth grade classrooms. We have a staff of thirty-seven certified and twenty-five classified. We also employ six retired teachers, and one AmeriCorp Member who all serve as Interventionists for reading and math. Seventy-one percent of our students receive free/reduced lunch, five percent are of Hispanic/Latino origin, eight percent African-American, and approximately twenty percent receive special education services.

Justice Elementary is very proud to say we are a “Proficient” school according to Kentucky Department of Education based on our Spring 2016 K-PREP test scores.

Our school boasts facilities that are current in green technology. Our hallways are large and bright with high ceilings, pod areas in each grade level area for large group activities, large classrooms equipped with the latest technology, two nice playgrounds, a large gymnasium, beautiful spacious library with seventeen thousand books, a separate Art and Music room, and a bright, cheerful cafeteria.

Students at our school and happy when they get off the bus or out of their cars as they enter the school. Music plays as students exit their cars each morning, and our day begins with a student lead news program in which we all sing the school song. Great time and effort have been placed on improving the physical environment to make it more inviting to children to share about our leadership program. Our Lighthouse Team, (staff members that guide our staff through the Leader in Me process) worked closely with our staff to set goals for our first year of implementation to build our physical environment to share the habits of our Leader in Me program. Our hallways and pod areas remain alive with student work and projects completed by our students. Our Student Lighthouse Team members also guide our leadership by setting goals each year for programs and initiatives they wish started, representing our school in community events, and providing tours to visitors and new families.

New for 2017-2018 is the implementation of Kagan Learning strategies.  Our entire staff has been trained in this research based program that increases student interaction with their learning. We are very excited to see the benefits for our students!

It is my hopes you enjoyed learning about our amazing school. It truly is a great place to be!  Please feel free to call the school if you should have any additional questions at 745-8800.


Susan Hillman,