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Monthly Archive: March 2019

Spring Fling – Multi-Cultural Night

Spring Fling Multicultural Night

March 21st 5:00 PM

Reminder: Family posters are due. 

Please tell us about your family’s culture and traditions by creating a display poster using pictures, stories, etc. Be creative.

This is a great family bonding opportunity.  Send these to school as soon as possible, so we can display them in our hallways. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Preschool at 859-744-1722.

Go Lady Cards!!!!

In support of our GRC Lady Cardinal basketball team, Clark County Preschool will have a non-instructional day tomorrow, March 15th. Teachers will be working half a day on conferences and home visits. Please go support our Lady Cards!

Cardinal Family Night

Monday, March 18, 2019 at 5pm
Dinner will be served promptly at 5pm

A Toyota Born Learning Initiative

The Clark County Preschool would like to personally invite you to participate in our Toyota Born Learning event.  You will gain valuable tips to improve the relationship, education, and well-being of your child.  Dinner will be provided each night.  Also, we will have special giveaways!  We hope to see you there.

Sponsored by Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky

Snow Day

SNOW DAY March 8, 2019

Fun things to do with your kiddos on a snow day!

1. Have a spa day!

Break out the facemasks and nail polish, it’s time for an at-home spa treatment! Don’t forget to relax in a nice hot bubble bath and some fuzzy socks to unwind after a long day of shoveling.

2. Binge watch shows/movies

Let’s put the Netflix vs. Hulu debate aside and curl up in a nice warm blanket and watch some wintery movies.

3. Bake yummy treats

Brownies, cookies, cakes, and more! The weather outside is frightful, but baked goods are delightful.

4. Listen to music

Spotify or Pandora has so many playlists for snowy days that are totally worth a listen. Whether it be holiday songs or just some relaxing tunes, the low temperatures will soon feel a bit more bearable.

5. Cuddle

No cuddle buddy? No problem! Get yourself a teddy bear or a furry friend and get ready to celebrate the snuggle weather in front of the fireplace.

6. Go sledding

Sledding is not just for kids, Y’all! Find the nearest snow-covered hill, grab some sleds (or improvise with garbage can lids), and have some fun!

7. Drink a warm beverage

Hot chocolate, tea, or coffee is sure to warm you up after a day of playing in the cold snow.

8. Read a book or write

Productivity doesn’t have to be all bad, you know. Maybe getting some free reading or creative writing will help pass some time while it’s too cold to go out, if you don’t have writer’s block that is!

9. Get Crafty!

Pinterest has plenty of options for some fun wintery crafts that are cost-free and made of items you can find around the house.

10. Play in the snow

Again, snowflake fun isn’t just for kids! Build a snowman or fort, practice making snow angels, or get ready to dodge some snowballs.

11. Play board games

Monopoly, Clue, Life, Candyland, or Trouble are just a few board games to eliminate boredom.

While the snowflakes are accumulating outside, there is fun to be had both indoors and out! Whether you like the freezing temperatures or not, there’s always fun to be had. Now go and enjoy the day off!