About Us


The Phoenix Academy was developed to provide an “exceptional” educational opportunity for adjudicated and at-risk youth. Clark County Schools operate the Program in cooperation with the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and the Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children (KECSAC). The Phoenix Academy will serve students from Clark County who are involved with the Courts or who are generally classified as disruptive or significantly at-risk youth between 12 & 18 years of age. The Phoenix Academy will consist of educational, vocational, and treatment components. This Program is designed to be a support system for those youth that have difficulty maintaining appropriate behavior in a regular school setting or those youth that have demonstrated chronic problems within the community or their homes.

The Phoenix Academy is staffed by certified teachers who will work with the student’s home school, community agencies, and parents to insure that the student is working at or near students academic level. The students will also have access to the Area Technology Center, George Rogers Clark Campus, and Technology and Learning Resource Department, which is located on the same campus as the Phoenix Academy. The Academy has two therapists who will be on site each day that the Phoenix Academy is in session. The students will receive individual and group therapy. For many students, the treatment component will be a priority so that their academic goals can be better supported.

Each student will be monitored through an Evaluation and Promotion System. The progress of each student will be monitored using specific employability criteria for each phase that results in an employability score. This score reflects how employable the student has been for that day. These employability skills will focus on soft skills that support employment. Each student’s progress will be evaluated by the same criteria and follow the same phases. The Evaluation and Promotion System is designed so that a student could complete The Phoenix Academy in one (1) semester and return to their home school. As the students move through the Phase System, they will be expected to take on a much greater role in the responsibility of monitoring their actions and employability score. The Phoenix Academy is designed for the staff to work with the student, their parents, and anyone else involved with the family to empower the student to be college and career ready in order to become employable. The Staff is committed to this mission and hope that this handbook will aid everyone to this goal.


VISION: Fostering Independent Life Long Learners

MISSION: The Phoenix Academy is committed to provide a comprehensive array of individualized educational and treatment services for at-risk students. We collaboratively foster independent college and/or career ready productive citizens.