Conkwright Elementary School

Clark County Public Schools

Summer Reading Challenge!


June 1, 2018

Conkwright Elementary Families,

Please join us in celebrating the summer with a Summer Reading Challenge!  Students who are already readers may read to themselves, while students who are learning to read may listen to an adult read to them.  Conkwright siblings and future Colts may participate too…two year olds, three year olds, four year olds…any kid who is a part of our students’ families is a part of our Conkwright family!

On the back of this sheet, you’ll find a list of fun and unique ways for your child to read this summer.  Check off each challenge as you complete it, trying to complete 25 of the 30 challenges (or more!).  Return your Summer Reading Challenge page at one of our Garden Harvest Nights or to a teacher during the first week of the 2018-2019 school year.  EVERY child who turns in a completed Challenge Page will RECEIVE A FREE BOOK of his/her choice, donated by our Conkwright Family Resource Center!

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Summer Reading Program at the Clark County Public Library!  It’s FREE and includes fun programs and activities to keep you entertained this summer.

Expect a phone call soon about the dates and times for our Garden Harvest Nights.  We can’t wait to see all of our readers soon!

Conkwright Summer Reading Challenge

Name _________________ Grade or Age _____


  • Read at breakfast
  • Read a book that makes you laugh
  • Read in a fort
  • Read a magazine
  • Read in a funny accent
  • Read by flashlight
  • Read under a tree
  • Read a book about friendship
  • Read a book, then act out your favorite part
  • Read a book you love again
  • Read to a grandparent, neighbor, or friend
  • Read to a stuffed animal
  • Read in a whisper voice
  • Read a menu
  • Read to a parent
  • Read a recipe
  • Read a comic book/graphic novel
  • Read at the public library
  • Read in a vehicle
  • Read in the kitchen
  • Read under a table
  • Read about a place you would like to visit
  • Read a fairytale
  • Read an audiobook
  • Read to someone faraway using Skype or FaceTime
  • Read to a pet
  • Read a nonfiction book
  • Read in the bathtub (No water!)
  • Read a book that is part of a series

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