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Girls Empowering Employment Opportunities

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Girls Empowering Employment Opportunities (GEO)  is a program created by Amazon Customer Service Employees to encourage and facilitate young women entering the work force.  Female Employees meet with young women at Baker Intermediate once a week.  Each week they focus on potential employment opportunities and what education and experience is needed to for that career pathway.  These meetings encourage young women to start thinking about what they might potentially want to do for a career and allows them to enter high school with a better idea of what experience is needed. The volunteers have been able to have a huge impact on their students. Baker Principal, Susan Jacobs, had this to say about one of the students involved.  “Kamyra’s experience through GEO has impacted her in many ways, not only in classroom but in her personal life. Kamyra is more confident in her abilities to focus in school and do well in her studies. She has become a positive role model for her peers and has emerged as a leader in all areas of her life. I am proud to watch her grow as a person!” Thank you Amazon volunteers for all you are doing for our female students!