Clark County Preschool

Family Resource Center

Our Family Resource Center is a grant-funded program designed to help connect parents to community resources and help children be successful in school.  Please help us out by identifying services that your family could benefit from.  It is important that we know the level of education of our parents, families with newborns or expectant parents, parents who would like to work on the GED, as well as programs and activities in which you might be interested in participating.  We ask that you contact the Family Resource Center or your child’s teacher for further information.

The Family Resource Center is located at 30 Beckner Street, inside the McClure Library. We have resource materials that are free to our families.  We also coordinate activities such as Family Fun Night and special interest programs. The Family Resource center will provide center updates in our newsletter to keep you informed of the program and services we offer.

All information is confidential. If you have any questions, you can call the Family Resource Center.

Who is eligible?

The center serves students and families of Clark County Preschool, expectant families, and those with children who will be attending preschool. Our goal is to meet the needs of all students and families by providing referrals, programs and training.