Clark County Migrant Summer Fun

Clark County Migrant Summer Fun

By Madeline Potter

This year our Clark County migrant students attended our ‘’ Earth, Learn, Inspire’’ environment themed summer camp.  We focused on learning about how to preserve our planet while also incorporating Reading, Math, and Science.  We hosted our camp at Campbell Jr. High School from June 5th-June 28th.  Our Middle School students also attended ‘’Career Craze’’ hosted by Maysville Community College.  Our High School students attended a College Experience Camp at Morehead University.

We have many wonderful people to thank for their help.

  • Beth Griffith talked to our students about healthy eating and gardening. She brought in many vegetables from her home garden for our students to sample.
  • Thanks to Ms. Terra Pigg and her FFA students, we visited the GRC High School’s greenhouse to learn about growing plants indoors.
  • Wendy O’Connor, of the Clark County Library, visited several times to host ‘’Story Time.’’
  • Sandy Kennedy, of the UK Extension Office, visited twice to teach about students about healthy eating and how to cook nutritious meals. Students made ziti, salads, pancakes, and smoothies.
  • Miranda Woodall, of Alltech, presented on ‘’Feeding the World in 2050’’ and taught us how to use recycled items to grown plants.
  • John Maruskin and Caleb, of the Clark County Library, visited several times to host a writing and drawing workshop.
  • Ronald McDonald read stories with our youngest children and spoke with our older students about being an entertainer.
  • Kent Coogle, of Strode Station Elementary, visited twice to present on STEM. Through hands-on activities the children enjoyed learning about electricity and the digestive system.
  • Joseph Miller allowed our students to visit the Rowland Arts Teen Center. They learned about the many classes and tutoring options available on site.
  • We learned about manufacturing and recycling when our students visited the local Ale 8 factory.
  • We learned about Outer Space by visiting the Living Arts and Science Center where we built space rovers, visited the Explorer’s Classroom, and watched a presentation in the planetarium.
  • Students visited the Clark County Library several times to learn about animals and check out books.
  • Amanda Houtz, of Lexington, and the students decorated cookies to look like the Earth.
  • Students held a summer festival to celebrate learning about the environment.
  • Student watched and learned about ‘’The Lorax’’ to learn about saving trees.
  • Students viewed the movie ‘’Spare Parts’’ to learn about engineering and overcoming obstacles.
  • Students learned about mathematics by creating Lawn Yahtzee and learning how to play.
  • Students learned about physical education and visited Paradise Cove in Richmond.


Camp Starts Soon: Los Campamentos del Verano Empiezan Pronto

We are so excited for camp to start next week! If your child is in Preschool-5th grade we will see him/her on Monday  Make sure that your children are ready to board the bus by 7 am (we will know the exact pick up time soon).
If your child is in 6-12th grade, we look forward to taking him/her to our overnight camps.
Give us a call or message us if you have any questions. Thank you!
Estamos muy emocionados de nuestro campamento del verano que empieza la próxima semana. Si su hijo está entre el Preescolar y el 5o grado, los veremos el día lunes  Asegúrense que su hijo este puntual para bordar el autobús a las 7 de la mañana (sabremos muy pronto la hora exacta de recoger a los niños).
Si su hijo está entre el grado 6-12, los esperaremos para los campamentos en Maysville y Morehead.
Llámenos o envíenos un mensaje si tiene preguntas, ¡Gracias!

Summer Camp 2017/Campamento del Verano 2017

The Clark County Migrant Education Program’s summer program will be at Campbell Jr. High School this year.

Camp hours will be 8:20 am-2:20 pm, transportation and meals provided. Please send in your child’s permission slips as soon as possible.

We have a lot of fun and exciting things planned this year.

Thanks so much!

El Campamento de Verano del Programa para la Educación de Migrantes del Condado de Clark va a ser en la escuela de Campbell este año.

Las horas son de 8:20 de la mañana hasta a las 2:20 de la tarde, proveeremos transporte.  Vamos a hacer muchas cosas divertidas este año.

Por favor regrese el permiso de su hijo si va a participar en nuestro campamento, lo más pronto posible.

¡Muchísimas gracias!

Parent Advisory Council / Junta de Padres

Parent Advisory Council Meeting


Sunday, August 2nd at 12:00 pm


Pizza Hut (8 Carol Road)


To discuss the new school year and share a meal together

Junta de Padres


domingo, 2 de agosto a las 12 de la tarde


El restaurante de Pizza Hut (8 Carol Rd)

¿Por qué?

Platicar sobre el nuevo año escolar y compartir el almuerzo

Summer Fun with Migrant Students

Summer Fun with Migrant Students

By Madeline Potter

This year’s summer camp hosted by the Clark County Migrant Education Program was a blast for students and grown-ups alike. Throughout our 3 week program, students learned about ‘’Latino Contributions to the United States.’’ As part of our summer camp, we went on several field trips and had various unique visitors.

Through our partnership with the Clark County Public Library, Mrs. Wendy O’Conner treated our students to a Story Hour every Monday. Also, through the Clark County Library, our students attended an animal show hosted by Coyote Chris. The students loved petting and learning about Coyote Chris’ unique animals such as a coatimundi, boa constrictor, tree frog, and owl. In term of physical fitness, our students loved doing Zumba with Ms. Dawn Reid of Believe and Achieve Fitness once a week. As part of The Kentucky State Parks grant, we took our students on a tour of Fort Boonesborough and played miniature golf at the campground. Mrs. Amanda Houtz, a professional cake decorator, visited us to decorate cupcakes and cookies with all of our students. We even had a visit from Senator Ralph Alvarado. His speech and presence inspired our students to be ambitious and work hard to accomplish their goals. We took all of the students on a field trip to Winchester’s local art spot ‘’Created by You’’ to decorate pottery. Ms. Sara Escobedo, a professional artist, visited to discuss art with our students. Our older students visited the Clark County BCTC campus and ‘’Mi Pueblo’’ the local Latino Store and Mexican Restaurant located here in Winchester on Main Street owned by Mr. Mario and Mrs. Julia Hernandez. Lastly, on the final day of camp, we all went on a field trip to the YMCA pool and had a pizza party.

In addition to camps hosted by our local program, we were able to send several students to the annual Clark County 4-H camp, Career Craze at Maysville Community College, University of Kentucky (UK) STEM Camp, Instructional Access Computer Camp at Eastern Kentucky University, and a Career Readiness Camp at UK as well.

When we were not on field trips or speaking with interesting guests, we had many educational and fun activities as well, including: making homemade ice cream, constructing piñatas, holding a play, having potluck of Latino foods, growing a garden, flying kites, and much more!

In addition to all of our fun trips and visitors, we were very fortunate to have had various volunteers including parents, Ms. Becky Denton, Ms. Ashley Wells, Ms. Karen Garcia, and Ms. Crystal Rodriguez. The Clark County Migrant Education wants to thank everyone who attended our camp and all of the wonderful people who helped us along the way. We are looking forward to seeing our students again in summer 2016.